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kathleen sebelius addressing all of this right now in a phone teleconference. we are on top of it all. welcome everyone i'm neil cavuto. if this were stock investment no wiewn would know what to do about it or with it. hey, rich. >> good afternoon, neil. big number here is 27 million. that's the number of people the administration says actually went to the web site. but fk lee at the totals here only 106,000. federal and state exchanges have actually followed through and selected plans. we don't know why that many people weren't able to select plans because they decided not to, too expensive or couldn't get through because of technical problems. 975,000 says the administration made it through and did not select plans and fewer than republicans responding 106,000 number is actually inflated. he says that includes the number of people who have essentially put plans into their shopping cart. and on a day on capitol hill where we were discussing obamacare throughout the day, there were plenty of references to >> have you ever shopped on >> yes, sir. >> the amazon e
services secretary kathleen sebelius is on the road again today making a stop in memphis to promote what appears to be a very beleaguered health care law. rich is in washington with more. >> good afternoon, neil. she's addressing this report released by house government and oversight reform committee. republicans there citing a document from the administration and contractors after the first day that went live saying six people enrolled in obama care. only six on day one approximately 100 on the second day according to this document and fewer than 248 on the second day. some of the problems with the website high capacity they said, direct enrollment not working, va system not connecting, only six enrollments occurred so far with five different issuers. hhs secretary kathleen sebelius said they still don't have those numbers. >> i don't know what numbers were gathered to get the first two days of enrollment and where they came from and if it is federal enrollment or state enrollment, but we will be giving comprehensive figures about nationwide enrollment who is in the feder
the rollout, calls are mounting for secretary kathleen sebelius to get out. ten republican senators sending a letter to the president urging her to fire her and fast. such a complicated beast here. i don't know who takes the blame but she is in charge. >> i'm surprised she is still there let me go back and say i think today proves wall street is just as delusional as washington. this may be a great company, but for crying out loud, it's priced at 50 times the revenue. maybe some days it will prove it has a business model that can earn money, but it proved today is that wall street is a casino inhabited by day traders and robots who are on the drug that the fed is feed feeding, and everyone is speculating like crazy. so wall street is failing and wall street is -- >> i'm going to put you down as a member on twitter. you could have argued the same win amazon came out, when ebay came out. mine -- >> you're taking only those that survived. there's ten that never did that were valued this way -- >> so you don't think this is a survivor -- >> i don't know. i have no idea. i think -- >> you mentio
every day. >> awkward. talk about bad timing, right? kathleen sebelius talking about obamacare at navigator event and then the site goes down. a string of issues with this rollout keeps rolling on. the reason why republican congressman steve says junk this thing but instead of republicans just bashing it, he has got an alternative for it. congressman, what is yours all about? >> well, neil, it's called the american healthcare reform act. and what it's focused on is putting patients and hard getting washington politicians irs agents and all these other people out of those decisions between doctor and patient. what and what we do is take common sense reforms and allow people to buy along state lines so they have more options and lowering the cost of healthcare. doing things like letting small businesses pull together and letting families pull together within own church groups and other organizations. we do a lot of things that are really based in lowering the cost of healthcare and i increasing access so that the patient is back in charge of their healthcare decisions and, look,
that change for all of obamacare if washington is living through it -- >> kathleen sebelius says, easier said than done, switch -- did she lie? >> well, i think there's been so many lies. her just pales in comparison to the president's lies. let's put it on the table. >> you've say lies from the president you. don't buy the argument he wasn't into this, wasn't jazz -- >> he had to get -- >> you think he knew. so the gillibrand thing -- >> completely accurate. >> what due you make of it, we knew all long. >> those cancelled plans, that is no at glitch, not a web site problem. that's not a mistake. that's the core of the obamacare statute. >> did you discuss amongst yourselves when you heard the democrats say this won't cost anything, you were warning and saying -- but that i didn't remember too many democrats saying, oh, no, you have to pay for this. >> definitely part hoff the -- part of the debate. a lot of debate on the floor. >> uninsured americans, and it's going to cost. great goal but it's going to cost. >> absolutely. and in the law there were clearly these minimum standards that a lot
that kathleen sebelius and medicaid and medicare administrator and technology officer were briefed in april and yet, after all these briefings of top administration officials there, was still this blunder. >> you were not briefed at all there was a mckenzie report going on? >> i knew that mckenzie has been brought the to conduct some interviews some assessments and report to our administrator, in which i actually participated in some of hose -- >> you participated in interviews. >> i was not given the final report. >> even even though there were warning signs there were no steps taken to avoid this blunder. that leads some leading republicans to say, heads should roll. >> what this report talks about is chaos. at cms. nobody is in charge. they talk about the fact that you had multiple people that were making multiple changes and major design changes to the system just weeks prior to the testing -- prior to the rollout without testing it. >> reporter: the "national review" is reporting in 2010 administration officials predicted the vast majority of americans with employer-booked health insur
kathleen sebelius, have all
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7